MphasiS launches unique cab service system “KickStart” in Bangalore

Posted on Nov 28 2013 - 7:41pm by IBC News

Bangalore,Nov28 ; MphasiS today announced the launch of “kickstart – a cab service” an initiative that aims to provide accessibility for persons with disabilities and senior citizens. MphasiS has tied up with ‘wheels of change’ an NGO to launch the social enterprise.

They Basically serve everyone, however, remodeled cars will provide ease and comfort to:
People with disabilities who are employed with the corporate sector and who need to commute to and from their homes to work places
Those who are attending the rehabilitation departments of hospitals for physiotherapy and other services
People with disabilities travelling for personal, social, leisure reasons
Senior citizens, requiring transportation that is facilitative, and will take care of their special needs
People with disabilities and senior citizens visiting the city from outstation and requiring accessible transportation during their stay here
Inclusive neighbourhood schools which require transportation for children with disabilities in their schools
Others, who have no special needs, but need reliable, comfortable and a safe commute.

They offer three modifications to the vehicles. The first one is a swivel chair model, where the front passenger seat comes half way out of the door. This enables the passenger using crutches/walking stick or other temporary injuries to just stand up and sit down as in a regular chair. For wheel chair users too, the transfer from wheel chair to seat and vice-versa will be simple with this adaptation. The driver will operate this system for the convenience of the passenger.

The second model, will have a ramp that opens out of the vehicle door enabling the wheel chair user to get in through the ramp.

The wheel chair will be locked inside the vehicle for a safe ride. The driver will be trained to assist the wheel chair user in and out of the vehicle.

In the third, the front passenger turns out like 1st model.A wheelchair frame can be attached to the botto, of the turned out seat. the whole vihicle seat can be brought out of the vehicle. the car seat becomes a wheel chair as it comes out.

“The KickStart cab service is our contribution towards promoting inclusivity. it is a much required service that provides freedom, mobility and dignity for those who may need support” said Ganesh Ayyar,CEO, MphasiS.

K.S Rajanna,State disability commissioner and Ms. Vidya Kalyani Ramasubban, Director, Wheels of change were present at the launch.

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