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Posted on Dec 1 2013 - 12:54pm by IBC News
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Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us or tell us about your startup on this form. Any juicy tech news tips go here. Enjoy this week’s list!
1. ERI | Hong Kong
ERI is a new fitness-tracking sports band developed by Hong Kong-based startup DigiCare. It doubles as a simple digital clock. The ERI is now up for crowdfunding on Indiegogo, where the startup is seeking funding by December 31 to help it ship to customers in early 2014.
2. Karamel | Indonesia
Karamel is a captcha solution that was first launched in August. Instead of having traditional text-based captcha, the startup offers visual captchas. The three-man Karamel team has been focusing on product development in the last nine months, but now they are ready to work with partners.
3. TrustedCompany | Malaysia
Launched this week, TrustedCompany is an open review community and Yelp-like service for e-commerce, which helps Asian consumers identify trustworthy and reliable online merchants.
4. Wildfire | Singapore and China
Focusing largely on the Chinese market, Wildfire uses big data analytics to provide Fortune 500 companies with tools to gain insights on consumers, manage social media crises, shape the outcome of social media conversations, and convert online conversations into real purchases. The startup revealed this week it has raised $2 million.
5. Splitforce | China
Splitforce is a multi-variant A/B testing and analytics tool for the web which can also perform localized experimentation. The startup emerged from China Axlr8r as one of the most promising graduates of the bunch.
6. NewsHunt | India
NewsHunt is a news reading app from India that has recently updated for Android and added in an e-bookstore with a mix of paid and free e-books. The app is proving itself to be really popular, now seeing a billion page-views per month.
7. TerraTech | Singapore
TerraTech aims to serve as a technological backbone for all manner of private hire vehicles in Asia, and ultimately improve experiences for consumers. This week we looked at how it’s aiming to transform Asia’s tuk-tuks into safer and more high-tech modes of transport.
8. PitchMark | Singapore
PitchMark helps protects ideas from being stolen. The company will also defend the creator by offering professional legal advice, ranging from cease-and-desist letters to litigation. Could be useful before an entrepreneur starts pitching.
9. iCalamity | Philippines
Born out of the recently concluded AngelHack in Davao hackathon, iCalamity uses a combination of GPS, geofencing and mapping technologies to correctly pinpoint the location of mobile phone users on the ground. It helps users locate their family and friends in times of disaster, and is also useful for rescue and relief workers in the area so they can immediately identify which individuals and areas need urgent help.
10. Viddsee | Singapore
Launched earlier this year, Vidsee is an online hub for arty Asian films. This week it got its biggest ever update with the addition of channels so that the site’s content partners can showcase short films from certain directors of film festivals.
11. Big Data Made Simple | Singapore and India
Developed by tech venture Crayon Data, Big Data Made Simple is a news site that aims to demystify the world of big data for a broad spread of users.
12. PlayMoolah | Singapore
PlayMoolah, the financial literacy startup, has launched a new mobile app that’s sort of a cross between The Game of Life and Cashflow.
13. iDreamsky | China
China’s a tough market to crack, which is why game developers turn to local publishers. One of these is iDreamsky, which has helped propel Temple Run 2 to 130 million gamers in China. It also publishes the Chinese version of Fruit Ninja and other big-name titles.

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