AAP defends Somnath Bharti about Ugandan Nationals

Posted on Jan 22 2014 - 9:57pm by IBC News

New Delhi, Jan.22: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday defended Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti, after he was identified by the Ugandan woman at whose house he had conducted a raid.

Bharti and his supporters have been accused of illegally detaining Ugandan women and forcing them to undergo medical tests.

“There is a need to understand the statement of the Ugandan woman. She has said that group that raided her house was led by Somnath Bharti. A judicial enquiry has been initiated in this case, and what all that group did with the woman, has to be ascertained by the enquiry”, said an AAP leader.

According to a NDTV report, in a statement recorded in front of a magistrate, the Ugandan national, who alleged that a group of people forcibly entered her house in south Delhi and molested her, identified Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti as the man who led the raid on her house last week. She said Bharti’s muffler helped her identify him when he appeared on TV the next day.

The Delhi Police on Sunday had registered an FIR against unknown people following a court order, after the Ugandan nationals filed a complaint.

Bharati alleged that a sex trade and drug peddling racket was flourishing in the locality with the help of foreign nationals.

He had demanded that the police should take action against the offenders

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