Only Narendra Modi is capable of steering the nation out of crisis: Ananth Kumar

Posted on Mar 5 2014 - 8:55am by IBC News

Bangalore: Ananth Kumar on Monday asserted that only the party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was capable of steering the nation out of the economic mess created by one decade’s rule of the Congress

Addressing the Karnataka BJP Election Management Committee meeting here, he pointed out that uncontrollable inflation and resultant hike in prices of essential commodities had created tremendous burden on people of the nation. “If at all there is any leader, who can rescue the nation from the economic crisis that is possible by Modiji. Look, how he has developed Gujarat, which is now of the most advanced states in the country,” he added.

Chiding the Congress for declaring Rahul Gandhi as the PM candidate, Ananth Kumar said there was no logic behind him trying to occupy that post. “Please ask any Congress party worker… By which virtue is Rahul the PM candidate. They do not have any answer. Even if the Congress comes to power at the Centre, Rahul is unfit to occupy the PM’s chair. What is his credential? What is his experience as a leader? But the same cannot be said of our Modiji, who has evolved Gujarat into an ideal state,” Ananth Kumar stated.

According to him, the nation is in favour of seeing Modi as the PM. “The whole country is eager to see Modi as the PM. They have hopes that he will set right the anomalies in the economy created by the Congress. There is no doubt that Modiji will not disappoint the people of the nation. He will definitely bring down inflation and reduce the rates of essential commodities,” he said.

He pointed out that only Modiji was capable of bringing down the prices of essential commodities to the period corresponding to the tenure of A B Vajpayee as the PM. “If this has to become possible, the BJP has to win more than 270 seats in the Parliament. From Karnataka, we need to send at least 20 MPs in case we want to see Modiji as the PM of the nation leading the country into a new era,” he stated.

Noting that people of the nation were eager to vote for Modi, he said there was a wave in favour of the BJP. “Why are people looking forward to Modi as the PM? That is because he is a good example for “Tried, Tested and Trusted” model of development. Any visitor to Gujarat will understand the visionary leadership of Modi. If he has to extend this vision to the entire nation, he needs our support,” he said.

Ananth Kumar called upon the BJP workers to strive hard to ensure that the party came to power at the Centre. “We have very few days left to overcome a major challenge. Please work hard round the clock and we can ensure that the nation re-emerges as an economic powerhouse,” he stated.

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