India offers full assistance in finding missing Malaysian Airlines flight: MEA

Posted on Mar 12 2014 - 11:10pm by IBC News

New Delhi, Mar.12: Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA ) spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin on Wednesday reiterated that India is offering full assistance to Malaysia in their quest to find the Malaysian Airlines flight, which has been missing since Friday.

“The president of India had written a letter conveying our sympathies for what has happened. At that stage he had also offered our assistance in any manner Malaysia will require,” said Akbaruddin.

“Following that our officers are in touch and are working out modalities in terms of what is requested from Malaysia and what we can offer. At this stage the process is underway,” he added.

In addition to the many Malaysians and other nationalities, five Indian nationals were also on board the flight.

Akbaruddin said the Indian mission in Malaysia is providing assistance to the families of Indian, who were aboard the Malaysian Airlines flight.

“This assistance is in terms of supporting them in this hour of need. Most of the families have returned. Only one family is there which is getting full support from our mission there,” he said.