Now you can send texts without switching screens through this android app

Posted on Mar 16 2014 - 12:11am by IBC News

Washington, Mar 15: A new app has been developed for Android that allows users to send messages without switching screens.

HoverChat, the first Egyptian Y Combinator startup and makers of an SMS replacement application currently available for Android smartphones, is focused on making messaging more of a multi-tasking experience.

The app also has a familiar look: its avatars, called ” hoverheads ,” are a lot like Facebook’s “chat heads,” but HoverChat was actually released the week before Facebook Home’s debut, Tech Crunch reported.

To date, the app has seen over 200,000 downloads on Google Play, and is averaging around 8,000 new downloads per day. The majority of its users are under 25, according to data from Google Analytics.

hoverchat1The company was founded in Egypt about a year ago by Wael Nafee, Mostafa Gazar and Ahmed Galal.