Biriyani at Pizza Hut? Funniest Twitter reactions to fast food giant’s new ‘Birizza’

Posted on Apr 20 2014 - 1:23pm by IBC News

Foodies and pizza lovers in India woke up to an odd declaration by Pizza Hut. They introduced the Birizza – the love child of biryani and pizza. Seriously. When the news broke out most people on twitter checked if it was a prank. Most tweeple were already mocking the eating joint for this ridiculous idea. Some took the Modi-fication of pizza as a sign that the Italians were on their way out of India. Here’s a list of some other LOL-worthy reactions to this new dish for Indian taste buds from Twitter. It turns out this new anglo Indian item on the menu isn’t as bad as Twitterverse was expecting it to be, at least there was one person who said that!