Nokia employees mourn the ‘death’ of their beloved company

Posted on Apr 27 2014 - 7:50pm by IBC News

Nokia announced on Friday that Microsoft has completed the acquisition of its Devices & Services business. The deal, which was announced in September last year, means Nokia’s mobile business has become a Microsoft subsidiary called Microsoft Mobile, while Nokia is left with its telecom equipment (NSN), location (HERE), and patent development businesses.

The change from Nokia to Microsoft Mobile means that for many employees, Friday is their last day as “Nokia”. While for many, this will not mean much, many other people who worked for Nokia have taken to the Internet, to share a sense of unhappiness over change, and the “death” of Nokia.

In a long blogpost, John Kneeland, Product Manager – Developer Platform, Nokia, describes the last lunch that the Nokia employees had together and outlines the change they’re facing.

Kneeland writes:

“On April 25, that Nokia ceases to exist, and in its place are two companies that officially have nothing to do with each other: Microsoft Mobile Oy (where the heart of the company will go) and Nokia Oyj (where I will be).

Tomorrow I will still be an employee of Nokia. I will go to my office in Sunnyvale. It will be the same building it was yesterday.

It will still say NOKIA on its facade basking in the California sun. But half of the people I’ve worked with will be gone. Up through today we shared everything. Tomorrow we will share nothing but our memoriesâ€

A lot of other employees were also feeling sentimental about the change they’re facing. This one, by Director of Music and Media Experiences, Mark Wheatley, sums up the general feeling.