Modi says Congress fount of corruption, Rahul rubbishes BJP development claim in MP

Posted on Nov 20 2013 - 5:26pm by IBC News

Jabalpur/Sidhi (Madhya Pradesh), Nov.20 (ANI): Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi traded charges again on Wednesday on behalf their parties-the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress-with each claiming that the other was corrupt and non-development, and non-welfare friendly.
In Jabalpur, Modi, who is the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP, described the ruling Congress Party as the fount of corruption.
He said that when the former promotes its symbol of the hand and asks the people of India to show faith in it, it really means that it is looking for an opportunity to fill its coffers with unimaginable amounts of money.
Addressing a rally here, Modi said:” The Congress lifts wealth with both hands, and its party symbol of a single hand and ahand of trust is a fraud being committed on the people of the country.”
He asked: “Will you vote based on promises (of the Congress Party), or you will vote on basis of the work done?”
Meanwhile, speaking at a Congress rally in Sidhi, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP of indulging in the politics of the rich.
Gandhi said: “They talk of development in Madhya Pradesh. I would like to ask the thousands of youth here, have you got employment?”
“Their marketing is very good. They will show you many different camera angles, but the truth is different,” Gandhi added.
“We got the land bill passed so that there is respect for the poor, Gandhi further said, adding that his party has always stood for the poor and weaker sections of society.
“Congress’ politics is for the poor and weaker sections, while the opposition indulges in that of the rich. The Congress’ dream is to work for the upliftment of the poor, Dalits and tribals,” Rahul said.
“Congress wants to break the wall, which is dividing the poor and the rich, he further said.
Stating that the Congress Party believed in development, he said that the mere construction of roads, or providing electricity does not help people who are left hungry or starving.
He also said that there is no shortage of money in the country, and he knew that this was not reaching the people.
He also highlighted a UN report that claimed that poverty is the highest in Madhy Pradesh.
He questioned the BJP over fighting the elections on the development plank, saying that when 100,000 infants have already died in the state, then what development was the ruling BJP talking about?
He also attacked the BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh for reducing the budget for the welfare of tribals.
“The present BJP government in Madhya Pradesh is only concerned about the rich… Congress’ ideology is to take along all the sections of the society, while the opposition only believed in dividing people,” he said. (ANI)

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