7 Signs that You are Being an Unfaithful Wife

Posted on Dec 6 2013 - 4:05pm by IBC News
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Usually in the most scenarios, men are blamed for being unfaithful to their wives than the other way round. But infidelity is not gender biased, so the other way around is as much a reality as well. Remember, infidelity doesn’t only mean being unfaithful to your spouse physically. If you share a deep emotional connection with another man, and move away from your husband emotionally, this is also a type of cheating. Here are a few signs that would tell you that you are getting more than friendly with another man and stepping towards being unfaithful in your marriage.

You shop keeping someone else in mind
When you go out shopping for new clothes, a new bag or a pair of footwear, do you think of another man apart from your husband while doing so? Whether he would like you in that outfit or if he would love your new hair cut, is all that you are worried about. Well, this clearly shows that his opinion matters more than your husband’s liking.
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You laugh more on his jokes than on your husband’s
Staying together for years in a marriage might bring monotony into a relationship. Your husband who used to be charming and funny at the beginning of your marriage, is no longer able to tickle your funny bones with his wit? In such a case, if another man seems more funny and attractive to you all of a sudden and makes you blush with his wit, we hear alarm bells ringing!

You lie to your husband repeatedly
Did you go out on a coffee date or a movie with a co-worker whose company you have started to enjoy lately and forgot to tell you husband about it? Well once is fine, but if this happens repeatedly then it means that you are genuinely not interested in telling him (your hubby) ever! Not telling repeatedly is as good as lying.

You purposely plan parties to spend time with him
This other man could also be someone from the common friends you and your husband share. Have you noticed an increase in the number of house parties that you host for your group of friends? Is there one particular person whose presence you definitely want in them? Hosting parties or get-togethers just so that you get to see that one man more often and enjoy his company is another sign of being unfaithful towards your marriage!

You wait for his messages and calls
Whenever your phone rings, whether a message beep or a call, do you hope it is from a particular person? Expecting such texts and calls from a man other than your husband shows that you have strong feelings for this other man. It is obvious that you have started to develop a liking towards him, whether a crush or something more serious!
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Going out of the way for him
You usually don’t gift your other friends or colleagues gifts on their birthdays or other special occasions but for this one person, you seem to go out of the way to find an appropriate gift. You might even book a lovely cake and probably plan an amazing surprise for him. This shows that you are going way past the “just friends” status with him, at least from your end!

You compare your husband with him
Consciously or unconsciously, have you started comparing your husband’s actions to your significant other’s? Thinking what the other guy would have or would not have done for you means that you are making comparisons.

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