Italian national molested by FRRO officer in Bangalore

Posted on Dec 7 2013 - 4:48pm by IBC News
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Bangalore, Dec. 7 (ANI): An Italian national was sexually assaulted by an employee of the Foreigners Registration Office (FRRO) in Bangalore, who has been taken into police custody.
Police Commissioner Raghvendra Auradkar said the victim had sought his help her to get a visa exit that was being delayed.
“She had applied for an exit visa, and the field verification officer, had contacted her over the phone and asked her to meet him. He not only asked for money, but also for sexual favours and when she refused, he molested her,” said Auradkar.
The victim was with her son when the incident happened.
“A guy told me that an FRRO officer could help me out, for a small amount, and that he was doing it for every other foreigner. He said his name was Shiva Kumar. I called him and he asked me to meet him and discuss the problem. I met him and he asked me to sit with him in his car,” she said.
“I told him my problem after which he demanded an inappropriate amount of money. When I refused, he started molesting me in front of my child. I kept my cool and said that I will give him whatever amount of money he wants on condition that he did not misbehave,” she added.
The Italian National filed a complaint about the whole incident on December 4.
“After I filed a complaint, I got a call from someone speaking on behalf of Kumar to cancel my complaint and he threatened me that otherwise I would get banned from India,” she said.
The accused name Yankrishnan has been arrested by the police. (ANI)

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