India Stands at the Second Position in Australia’s International Students Chart

Posted on Dec 9 2013 - 4:12pm by IBC News
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As per the newest data, Indian students make the second largest strata of foreign students pursuing higher education in Australian Universities. The number of Indian students to pursue their higher education in Australia has attained higher growth this year.
This year the Indian students undertaking higher Education in Australian Universities have grown up to the mark, and the total enrolment reached over 15,800 within months of January to October. However, last year the figure was 12,062 for the same period.
The data reflects that India still stands on the second position for being the supplier of international students in Australia, even if the total enrolments figure goes down.
The topmost supplier of International students in Australia is China with contributing 29.7 % students in the total in the chart.
The sector of Vocational Education and Training (VET) witnessed an overall drop in the entire enrolments from both India and China.
Total Indian enrolments in Vocational Education and Training went down to being 27,581, which were recorded as 37,922 in the previous year. The commencements fell to 13,262 as compared to last year’s 17,451.

Vocational Education and Training enrolments this year in China saw the downfall and stood at 13,709. However, the enrolments were 15,378 in January-October period of last year.

Top 5 countries that have their students going to Australia for Higher education studies are from China with 29.7 % students studying in Australia, India with 9.2 %, Korea with 5.3%, Vietnam 4.8% and Malaysia 4.7% students.

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