How to cut your nails if you are diabetic

Posted on Dec 11 2013 - 5:18pm by IBC News
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Foot care is of utmost important if you are a diabetic. A simple thing like clipping your nails requires extra attention.
We know you have a lot to worry about when you are a diabetic. With your stringent diet, medication and exercise routine, it’s easy to forget about your feet.

Here are the steps you should follow for cutting your toenails if you are a diabetic
Ensure you are not in a hurry and have enough time to do this activity. A rushed job may lead to cuts and bruises which may
Start with a warm bath for your feet. Check the temperature with your elbow. Diabetics generally have decreased sensations in their feet and may not realise if the water is too hot.
Soak your feet for some time. Ensure you don’t soak your feet for too long, certainly for not more than 5 minutes.
Dry your feet thoroughly. Ensure that you dry the area between your toes.

Cut your nails straight across. Do not try to cut your nails too short.
Also avoid cutting into the corners of your toenails. This will help you avoid ingrown toenails.
If you do notice an ingrown toenail, head to a doctor as it may lead to infections. In very mild cases, you can heal an ingrown toenail by soaking your feet in a warm bath and then placing some cotton under the nail. If you notice redness, pain or swelling, get medical help.
Use a nail file to smooth your nails. Be careful not to irritate the skin around the toenails while filing. It may cause blisters which may lead to further complications
Once you are done with the cutting and filing, check each toe properly. If you’ve managed to cut or bruise yourself, you may need medical help to ensure that the wound does not get infected.

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