How successful people spend their weekends

Posted on Jan 12 2014 - 12:51am by IBC News

Melbourne: Most of us spend our weekends cleaning home or watching our favourite shows on television, but if you want to live more like the happiest and most successful people, you should try to utilize those two days to the fullest.

Laura Vanderkam, time management expert, talks about how to make the most of this time off from your harried work week in her book, What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend , reported.

The expert suggested that even though weekends are carefree and relaxed, they need to be planned out too. One needs to set specific hours or minutes aside for certain activities and then commit.

It is important to plan two to five ‘anchor events’ a weekend, but there is no need to plan every hour.

In her book, Vanderkam wrote that while making plans “dig deep” and remember activities that you haven’t done since childhood. She said that one should make such activity a permanent routine.

It was suggested that one of the most important thing is to make plans for Sunday night so you don’t spend it dreading Monday.

Vanderkam said what the most successful people know about weekends is that life cannot happen only in the future, it cannot wait for some day when we are less tired or less busy. So start with this weekend and do something.

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