Samsung Galaxy S5 can track head movements says report

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 12:40am by IBC News

Washington: Samsung is reportedly following up on Samsung S4′s eye tracking technology with new features that could be introduced in Galaxy S5, along with a head movement tracker.

Samsung Galaxy has filed a European patent detailing its new innovation that could track head movements such as nodding.

The patent application filed by Samsung revealed an invention capable of controlling a smart phone via head tracking using a front-face camera.

However, the patent does not indicate as to when or where the technology will be put to use, Cnet reported.

According to reports, the patent application was filed in July, soon after the company released Galaxy S4, indicating that the innovation could be part of an R and D iteration cycle.

The document suggests that the innovation will enable users to operate their Samsung smart phones through gestures like a nod, eye movements, or even a pronounced eyebrow.

Recently, a Samsung executive at CES had mentioned that the company was working on its eye-scanning technology but, it was not revealed whether the technology would be available on Galaxy S5.

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