Meet ‘genius’ 5-year-old Indian boy who has same IQ as Albert Einstein

Posted on Mar 15 2014 - 11:55pm by IBC News

Dubai, March 15: At the age when kids are just starting to learn their alphabets, a five-year-old boy, based in Haryana, India, has left psychologists stunned with his high IQ of 150 points that is similar to renowned scientist Albert Einstein.

According to Gulf News, Kautilya Pandit has extraordinary grasping skills and can recall random information about some 213 countries.

Pandit is also aware about domestic and international affairs, space, geographical borders, natural resources and such at his tender age.

Pandit’s proud grandfather, Jaikishan Sharma, told the publication that his grandson has an excellent photographic memory and can answer almost any question with utmost ease.

Sharma continued saying that such capability is extremely rare in Pandit’s age group and the first time they noticed his potential was during a family trip to Agra when they saw him reading and remembering the signboards.