Congress trying to malign my image, but it will not work: Modi

Posted on Dec 1 2013 - 1:43pm by IBC News

Shahdara (Delhi), Nov.30 (ANI): Addressing the first of three rallies in national capital New Delhi on Saturday, Bharatiya Janata Party prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi accused the ruling Congress Party and the UPA-II Government, which it leads, of trying to repeatedly malign his image in the eyes of the Indian public, but warned that such attacks and strategies would not work.

“The Congress is trying to malign my image among the people, but this will not work. The Congress has a section, which don’t carry the flags of the party, but protect the Congress from attacks. It has become the fashion of the day in politics. Elections are being held in Delhi and Rajasthan, but our leaders at the Centre (Read Congress) want answers from the Government of Gujarat,” said Modi at the BJP rally in Shahdara.
Modi further said and asked: “These elections are being fought by the people,not just by leaders and parties. Why is it that the princes of Rajasthan and Delhi have an ego that is in seventh heaven?”
He also questioned the need of people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh heading for national capital Delhi in search of a livelihood. He claimed that this was entirely due to a very poor level of governance and non-fullfillment of development-related initiatives.
He asked: “If Bihar and UP were developed in the last 60 years, would people leave their families and come to Delhi for work?”
Apparently and presumably referring to Prime Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said:
“A senior Congress minister thinks he is very clever. He thinks when God was distributing brains, he was the first one to get it
“The Prime Minister of the country is a person who thinks he has all the brains, and everyone else is brainless. A minister had said prices are rising because the poor are eating two vegetables now. Tell me, are prices rising due to this?” Modi asked BJP supporters at the rally.
“Our Prime Minister is a big economist. We never comment on that aspect. Finance Minister (P.Chidambaram) is also very educated. We never challenge that…but now, they have ruined the country. Neither Narasimha Rao nor Vajpayeeji (former prime ministers) were considered economists, but still you could have learnt from them,” Modi added, while establishing a contrast between BJP leaders and Manmohan Singh.

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