Beauty Tips for Brides with Dusky Skin Tone

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While it is essential for you to follow certain general beauty tips, tips specific to your skin tone are hard to find. That is why; we have compiled a list of beauty secrets, which are perfect for those brides with darker skin tone. Let’s have a look at them.

For your face
Brides who have darker skin tones, tend to have dry skin, which can make them look washed off. That is why; it is essential for them to invest in a good quality moisturiser. Remember that a good moisturiser should contain glycerin, petrolatum or lanolin as its active ingredient. It should also contain a minimum protection of SPF 30 and should be reapplied whenever you feel that your skin is drying out. Also, always apply your moisturiser on slightly damp skin so that your skin is able to absorb it better.
Quick tip: Women with dusky complexion are also prone to acne and pimples and they should follow a daily routine of cleansing and toning.

Choosing the right foundation
If the shade of your foundation is not right, it can spoil your entire look. Instead of trying out a shade on your hand, you must try it out on your forehead and your jaw line. Choose the colour of your foundation wisely and don’t be tempted to choose a shade lighter than your skin tone as your skin may start looking ashy. If you cannot find a perfect match, don’t hesitate to pick out two colours to blend and apply on your skin. Also, don’t opt for a powder foundation as it will not spread evenly.
Quick tip: Buy a good quality liquid foundation and don’t forget to apply moisturiser before you apply it on your face.

Glossy lipsticks with a frosty finish are an absolute no for brides with darker skin tones. You should opt for lip colours like darker shades of red, berry, coral, hot pink, burgundy, brown and so on. Lip liners should definitely accompany your lipstick so that your lips look well defined.
Quick tip: If you want your lip colour to be highlighted beautifully, you must apply a little concealer on your lips before you apply the lipstick and this will make your lips look absolutely stunning.

Eye makeup
Lighter eyeshadows will hardly do any justice to your beauty. That is why; you must opt for bold shades like purple, green, copper, shades of grey, silver burnt pink and brown. The smokey eyes look will look stunning on your complexion; so carry it off with grace. While creating this look, mix two shades of the same colour family so that they complement each other.
Quick Tip: Eyebrows are your greatest asset and you should ensure that they are in shape. You should use a brown pencil to highlight them as a black one will look a little artificial.

A combination of gold and rose can make you glow beatifically on your wedding. Other shades that you can opt for are peach, dark orange and coral.
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Hair highlights
If you are in the mood for some adventure, you should definitely go for hair highlights. Chocolate brown and burgundy are shades that will suit the best. They should not completely highlight your hair colour but should subtly enhance it.

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