Clinical research is crucial in finding new and better treatment

Posted on Jan 12 2014 - 12:04am by IBC News

The clinical research or trials are the main reason of advancements in the field of therapeutic medicine over the last 60 year. These trials have identified new and effective treatments and contributed in providing a better quality of life to several patients while saving may lives. These were the words of Dr Prem Pais, Professor of Medicine and Head Division of Clinical Research and Training, St. John’s Research Institute.

In spite of the contribution of clinical research, there is significant drop in the growth of clinical research in India due to reguatory uncertainty and other external factors.

Research at Crossroads is the theme for Indian Society of Clinical Research [ISCR]‘s 7th annual conference this year. Distinguished academician and clinical pharmacologist, Padmashree Prof. Ranjit Roy Chaudhury was the Guest of Honor at the event. The event also boasted of several imminent personalities in the field of clinical research. The was held for 2 days in Bangalore on 10th and 11th Jan, 2014. Many pharma companies participated in this conference and debate was held in various issues addressing the clinical trials

ISCR is an association of clinical research professionals that aims to build awareness of clinical research as a specialty in India and to facilitate its growth in country while helping to evolve highest standards of quality and ethics.

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