Reservation for women if Modi becomes PM: Ananth Kumar at BJP State Convention of Women Lawyers

Posted on Feb 8 2014 - 8:50pm by IBC News
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Bangalore: Bangalore South MP & BJP National General Secretary Ananth Kumar today declared that the party will enact the Women’s Reservation Bill if Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister of the nation.

Addressing the first state-level convention of Women Advocates, organized by the BJP Mahila Morcha – Legal & Parliamentary Affairs Cell here, he pointed out that the BJP-ruled states accorded highest importance to security and empowerment of women unlike in the Congress-ruled states.

“The Women’s Reservation Bill is important for the empowerment of women. If the BJP comes to power at the Centre, the party will not hesitate to provide 50 per cent reservation to women in all sectors. The BJP is committed for the all-round development of women,” he asserted.

Ananth Kumar pointed out that there was significant rise in crimes against women in the last five years, particularly under the maladministration of the UPA government at the Centre. “This dangerous trend is sending a wrong signal to the women. What is the government doing to provide security to women? Look at BJP ruled states… Women enjoy sense of protection and are self-reliant,” he noted.

According to him, strong political willpower is required to ensure empowerment of women. “Our gestures for the over-all development of women should not be symbolic by appointing a President for the country or the Speaker of the Parliament. How will that ensure the security of the women across the country? Have the crimes against women reduced?  I am not questioning such appointments. They too are needed. But at the same time, we need long-term plans to ensure that women are on par with men in every walk of society,” Ananth Kumar said and added that the BJP-ruled states had implemented several such programs.

He objected to the proposal to restrict the working hours of women, particularly in Bangalore, in view of security. “Sometime back, there was a demand from a section of society that women should not work during nights. I do not understand this logic. When men can work anytime in a day, why restrict women? Where is the need to reduce the productivity of women? If we can ensure the security of men, why cannot we provide security to women?” he asked.

He said the need of the hour is to provide access to education, property, employment, political empowerment, employment and equal opportunities for women so that they excel in all sectors. “Today, men continue to rule every sector. Women constitute hardly 5 per cent of the state’s police staff. Why cannot that be 50 per cent? This will automatically enhance security of women. In Gujarat, Chief Minister Narendra Modiji has established Naari Adalat to redress the grievances of women. We should have a similar body in Karnataka,” Ananth Kumar added.

A delegation of the BJP Karnataka Mahila Morcha President Shashikala Jolle will meet Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to prevail upon him to enhance security for women and Ananth Kumar will accompany it.

High Court advocate Mrs. Prameela Nesargi, the BJP Mahila Morcha – Legal & Parliamentary Affairs Cell Co-Convener Vivek Reddy, BJP Karnataka Mahila Morcha President Shashikala Jolle and BJP State Working Committee Member Malavika Avinash were present on the occasion.

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