61% of Pakistanis say women should dress as they wish: Poll

Posted on Jan 15 2014 - 2:48pm by IBC News

Islamabad, Jan. 15: Presenting a contrasting picture to earlier data, around 61 percent of Pakistanis have reportedly voted in favour of women dressing as they wish, a new survey has revealed.

Earlier this month, a poll conducted by University of Michigan’s Population Studies Center had found that a meager 22 percent of Pakistanis voted that women should dress as they want.

The survey had been carried across seven Muslim countries to identify ‘appropriate’ dress for women to wear publicly.

However, according to the recently conducted online survey by the Express Tribune, it was revealed that Pakistanis voted rather liberally when it came to women dressing.

The Express Tribune survey ran some of the questions from University of Michigan’s report in the poll and, over a period of five days, 2235 people responded out of which 76 percent of respondents were male.

In comparison, University of Michigan’s survey polled 3,523 Pakistanis of whom 51% were male.

In the original survey, respondents were asked to choose from six head shots, which showed women wearing, varied versions of headscarves and one image showed a woman without any head covering.

The news outlet’s survey found that the most popular option was of a woman without any head covering with 39 percent of votes, while in the original survey, only 2 percent of Pakistanis favoured the option.

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