BJP accords top priority for Security and Empowerment of Women: Ananth Kumar

Posted on Feb 3 2014 - 10:15pm by IBC News

Ananth Kumar initiated today the first interactive dialogue with women leaders to “people source” ideas


Bangalore: Declaring that the women’s issues, such as, empowerment, security, entrepreneurship and education will top the BJP’s manifesto for the forthcoming Parliamentary polls, Bangalore South MP and party’s National General Secretary Ananth Kumar on Sunday said the party would hold consultation meetings and conclaves with women across the nation in order to source recommendations that can transform into policies benefiting women in the long-term.

Inaugurating first interactive dialogue with women leaders “people source” ideas“Women’s Vision, Our Mission” (Nimma Dhwani, Namma Pranalike) in Bangalore, Ananth Kumar urged women to voice their opinion on various issues relating to them. “It goes unsaid that the BJP will accord top priority to women and issues relating to them. The party believes in women empowerment and economic self-reliance. When the BJP was in power at the Centre, our visionary leader and then PM A B Vajpayeeji implemented several women welfare schemes. The same tradition is being continued in BJP-ruled states even now with fantastic achievements,” he added.

Pointing towards latest opinion poll on safe cities for women in the country, Ananth Kumar said Ahmadabad (capital of Gujarat) was considered the safest city for women. “How did Narendra Modiji (CM of Gujarat) achieve this? It was not an overnight phenomenon. Modiji implemented several programs aimed at ensuring security of women. Today, he plans to extend them to the rest of the country. When I was in Ahmedabad, I observed women venturing out of homes as late as 1 am. That’s the confidence women have in their government,” he stated.

Citing several successful programs, such as, “Beti Bachao Abhiyan” (campaign against gender selective abortion in Madhya Pradesh) and “Kanya Daan” scheme, Ananth Kumar said the BJP evolved progressive programs for women and the same are being replicated in other states. “The BJP has always been favouring reservation for women in Parliament and unfortunately it has still not been implemented. The BJP will continue its campaign for reservation for women in politics,” he asserted.

Noting that only long-term plans will yield results, Ananth Kumar said the literacy rate among women in Gujarat had increased to 78 per cent from 51 per cent in the last nine years. “Narendra Modiji has been able to bring in this transformation through constructive programs. I know that the BJP alone cannot solve all the problems faced by women, we need support from people like you as well as NGOs,” he said.

Ananth Kumar said he drew inspiration from his mother, late Girija Shastry, who was one of the most successful women leaders in the 80s. “That was the time when women stayed away from public domain. But my mother not only successfully demonstrated leadership, but launched effective campaigns against women trafficking, alcoholism and domestic violence. Every time I commence work related to women’s welfare, I remember my mother,” he said and added that Adamya Chetana, the NGO, which he founded along with his wife Tejaswini, had undertaken several women empowerment programs in the last one decade.

He requested women to comment boldly on issues affecting them so that they transform into meaningful policies. “This type of a conclave is being held on every important sector of society, such as education, economy and citizenry services. We want people to come with recommendations, which can achieve change for the better good of society,” Ananth Kumar said.

Tejaswini Ananthkumar, Chairperson, Adamya Chethana; Padma Sheshadri, Director, Sri Maatha Mahila Co-operative Bank – First Women Bank of India; Revathi, Chairperson of AWAKE; Indumathi Rao, Women activists; Kshama Naragunda, Advocate; Dr.Ayesha, Educationist; Anusooya Kalase Gowda, Director of Karnataka State Agricultural Forum; Jyothi Puthurraya, Secretary, National Mahila Morcha, BJP; Shilpa Ganesh, VP, State Mahila Morcha, BJP; Mamatha Uday, Secretary State Mahila Morcha, BJP and several others were present on the occasion.


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