Bangalore: Cubbon Park traffic police create awareness about Drink and Drive

Posted on Apr 12 2014 - 11:53pm by IBC News

Bangalore, April 12th: Irrespective of the weather, the whole Bangalore is in the weekend mood aka the party or the gala time. With restaurants being opened till late mid-night, there are no bounds for the joy of the party animals across the city.

With the late night bar and restaurants being open, there is rampant increase in the drink and drive cases. Though this is encountered every day, the frequency is more during the weekends where everyone wants to sit back and enjoy taking break from their routine busy schedules.

Drink and Drive has become a menace to the traffic police and the public. Majority of the road traffic accidents are because of driving under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol gets absorbed very easily and enters the blood producing effect on the brain. Under its influence, the sensory and the motor co-ordination will be impaired hence the road traffic accidents chances are high.

In order to prevent this, Cubbon Park traffic police created awareness against drink and drive under the concept of live and let live. The permissible limit of blood alcohol is 30mg/100ml for driving or riding any vehicle with more than 30mg/100ml blood alcohol will lead to-

1.      Road traffic accidents

2.      Prosecution by traffic police

3.      Disqualification of driving license

Breath alcohol test which is already in practise  is used to screen the drink and drive.


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