Canada visa norms: Travelers benefited from multiple entries

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 10:14pm by IBC News

Ottawa (Canada), Feb.5: Visitors to Canada will automatically be considered for a multiple-entry visa, starting on February 6, 2014.

Multiple-entry visas allow qualified visitors to come and go from Canada for six months at a time for up to 10 years without having to reapply each time.

The fee for the temporary resident visa (TRV) program will now be reduced from $150 to $100 for the processing of either a single- or multiple-entry visa.

By harmonizing the single- and multiple-entry visa fees, the visa application process will become simpler for applicants and promote tourism and trade by increasing the number of eligible travellers who are able to make multiple visits to Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will increase other fees in the temporary resident program, effective February 6, 2014. These changes ensure that fees closely reflect the real cost of processing applications.

These increases include (all figures in CAD$):

$25 increase for study permits and renewals;

$5 increase for work permits and renewals;

$25 increase for extensions to remain in Canada as a visitor;

$100 increase for the maximum fee for a family to apply for TRVs; and

$15 increase for the maximum work permit fee for a group of performing artists and their staff.

Every year more than 35 million people visit Canada.

In 2012, Canada issued a record number of visitor visas with almost one million visas approved, representing an increase of almost 40 percent since 2004.

The multiple-entry visa is particularly popular with visitors from India, China, and Mexico who hold 10-year passports and have been eligible to apply for a 10-year visa.

Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, said: “As part of our plan to grow the Canadian economy and create jobs, our government is committed to attracting more visitors and business people to our country. By making the multiple-entry visa the standard visitor visa, we are evolving to meet the needs of international travellers who are looking for flexible, fast and convenient options to come to Canada.”

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