Meru launches Genie Cabs in Bengaluru

Posted on Feb 6 2014 - 4:57pm by IBC News

BENGALURU, 6th Feb 2014: GENIE Cabs, is an initiative by Meru Cab Company, which aims at offering safe and reliable travel experience for the common man of Bengaluru. “GENIE Cab” is a brand new, professional, pocket friendly air conditioned cabs service which intends to revolutionize the common mans regular city travel. GENIE Cabs fleet promises to offer a safe, professional, extremely efficient and reliable service at affordable prices by inheriting many of MERU Cabs’ innovative technological advancements. After its success in Hyderabad, Genie is now ready to solve the travel woes of Bengaluru at a special introductory price of Rs.12.50 per km.

Apart from uncomfortable, dusty, sweaty travel conditions the citizens have to tolerate poor customer service. Safety too is one of the biggest concerns that the research revealed.In such a scenario, GENIE Cabs aims to provide reliable and safe superior transport facility with its state of the art technologically, advanced 24X7 customer service, hence eliminating the problems of tampered meters, refusal by drivers to ply as per passenger choice, haggling for fare and an overall bad customer service and uncomfortable journey.

Backed by superior technology and professional service orientation, GENIE Cabs will provide point-to-point service to its customers within the city at a most affordable rate, with a brand new fleet of hatchback cars. A family of four can now simply have a safe and comfortable travel experience that won’t pinch their pockets.

Genie for now will be available for a launch price of Rs. 12.50 per kilometre.

“We at V-Link are always committed to providing the customers with an efficient and professional travel experience. We are now introducing a new service which can be experienced by a larger section of society” said Mr. Neeraj Gupta, MD, V-Link Group.

“GENIE Cabs is set to redefine the way people travel in the city of Bengaluru. People can now have a safe and comfortable travel experience without having to stretch their budgets. We are truly excited to launch GENIE Cabs operations in the city of Bengaluru” said Mr. Siddhartha Pahwa, CEO, GENIE and MERU Cabs

Leading actress Ms. Pranitha Subhash commented, “Bengaluru has grown over the recent past and various changes have taken place in the city. I am very happy to see a professional organization bringing in safe, reliable and pocket friendly air conditioned cabs for regular city travel. & now, at a special price of Rs.12.5 per km! ”. Autos have become unsafe and buses have don’t reach to the point she added.

In addition to a safe, comfortable and economic journey, GENIE Cabs offer various other cutting edge facilities like, convenience of booking a car through a 24×7 call center or website, accurate digital meter & automated e-bill at the end of the journey. For this purpose, GENIE Cabs has own central dedicated call center which can be reached by dialing 3399 3399 and on Of course, customers can always hail a cab on the streets if it is not occupied.

An economically viable option for commuters to feel safe and comfortable while travelling, GENIE Cabs is all set to revolutionize the travel experience of their customers.

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