Qualities a leader should possess

Posted on Feb 7 2014 - 11:31pm by IBC News

Melbourne: There are no specific guidelines to be a great leader, but there are certain essential roles a successful leader must fulfill.

According to Dr. Jim Taylor, a leader must gain the respect, trust, and loyalty of his team and build a healthy and strong relationship with them, News.com.au reported.

A leader must possess the psychological, emotional, and interpersonal skills necessary to perform at a high level consistently, to be both a role model and educate the team about maintaining a high level of performance.

As one “player” can’t carry a team, everyone has to work not only to fulfill their individual responsibilities, but also collaborate effectively to get the necessary results, and a great leader is vital for the organization’s success.

Taylor added that a leader’s goal is to create a framework and process things in a way which will maximize the chances of the team’s success.

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