Sex in Sixties

Posted on Feb 7 2014 - 11:39pm by IBC News

Washington, February 7: Women in their 60s, who feel that they no longer have the hormones that supported their earlier sex drive, now have a sigh of relief.

Huffington Post has come up with some very good reasons that will make the older women reconsider getting in the sack for some action.

According to the publication, sex helps in strengthening the bond between two people, as it can be an amazing place where one can experience the pleasure of generosity and reciprocity in their relationship and a couple will grow closer emotionally.

Sex also has many health benefits, as it is a form of exercise that releases relaxing and stress-reducing hormones and can be one way to stay connected to energy and vitality by lowering stress hormones.

The publication added that sex is the best make-over and that having sex in a way that is pleasurable to a person, can remind them that they still have young, vibrant energy inside and will keep them glowing from within.

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