Smart Grid Expo held in Tokyo

Posted on Feb 27 2014 - 11:07pm by IBC News

Tokyo, Feb.27: To realize the potential of smart city and effective energy consumption, the Smart Grid EXPO was recently held in Tokyo.

Some 120 companies from 10 countries introduced their technology at the event.

U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy made a speech to declare the establishment of smart society in the United States.

Fujitsu has already started several projects in Asia including smart meter PJ in Taiwan and monitoring PJ for environment in Thailand.

The company introduces “Balancing procedure” of consumer and provider of electricity.

In the household Fujitsu enables monitoring system technology which area, when and how much electricity is used? It is displayed on the tablet device to point out missing switch off air conditioner or electric facility.

Alternative to fastidious mama Fujitsu tablet check and warn wasting of electricity.

To balance demand and supply, anticipating of lack of electricity, Fujitsu’s central computer requires to reduce consumption of electricity to big quantity consumer.

It is undertaken on the network among computers.

Another Japanese company, NEC introduces trial plan for India. It is “Energy Management System” for mobile phone base station in India.

It aims to reduce diesel electricity generation and increase photovoltaic. NEC will contribute to keep precision instrument in cool condition from hot temperature of outside.

It is effective to keep environment.

Toshiba introduces mobilizing battery system. It is constituted by small battery. This battery system is carried and set in anywhere. It will change the way of electricity consumption.

OMRON has special technology called AICOT. This remarkable technology enables easy cooperation among different company’s power conditioner. Assuming electricity selling business, OMRON realizes low pressure power conditioner to sell electricity to power company.

Envisaging future preferable society Japanese companies never stop to improve its technology. Its door is always open to all over the world especially ASEAN and India.

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