KSRTC awards silver medals to accident free drivers

Posted on Feb 17 2014 - 4:45pm by IBC News

To inculcate good driving habits and pride among drivers and to honour their service, KSRTC has introduced various awards and recognition schemes for the purpose of controlling the occurrence of accidents.

Mr. Ramalinga Reddy, Minister for Transport presented 32grams of silver medal and an cash award of ₹2000 to 21 accident free drivers of Bangalore-Central Division in the year 2011-2012. A special monthly allowance of ₹50 was given to eligible drivers.

The awardees are P.S.Eshwarappa, Arun.H.Thyape, H.D.Lakshme Gowda, M.Kempaiash, Gopi, S.V.Venkatswamy, H.Venkatesh, B.L.Vishwanath. C.Papanna, B.K.Narasimha Murthy, H.S.Prasanna Kumar, Devaraju, basappa Burude, K.G.Srinivasa Murthy, Hanumantha, Ramachandra, Devendrachary, Jokim, B.A.N.Reddy, H.Nagaraju and P.Srinivas.

The minister also inaugurated KSRTC’s in-house blanket washing plant which is first of its kind in State Road Transport Corporations. All these days, KSRTC had been outsourcing the blanket washing which had poor quality of service, improper delivery, high cost and poor customer feedback. Hence to enhance the passenger comfort and to ensure hygiene this initiative was taken.  Using the machineries about 7200 blankets will be washed by 24 workers in 3 shifts.

Managing Director, KSRTC, Mr N.Manjunath Prasad presided the event.

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