Barca’s Javier Mascherano backs ex-team Liverpool to win Premiere League

Posted on Feb 23 2014 - 10:24pm by IBC News

London, Feb. 23: FC Barcelona’s midfielder Javier Mascherano backed his ex team to win the Premiere League and gave them a message to ‘Come and join us’ in the Champions League.

Mascherano is quite sure and not at all crazy when he says that Liverpool could play against the cream of Europe as English champions.

According to the Daily Star, Mascherano feels strongly about Liverpool always being in the top four in the Premiere League and also said that he had been keeping close tabs on the club’s performance since the time he left and this season it was visible that the Reds had improved a lot.

The Barca superstar said that he has got friends at the club like Steven Gerrard and Lucas and whatever is happening now would be good both for the club and his friends as well.

Mascherano is in awe of Liverpools’ attacking flair but made no excuse to single out Luis Suarez for a special mention and said that for him Liverpool had a key player in Saurez and at times he is ‘unstoppable’.

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