How Doodling helps your brain!

Posted on Feb 24 2014 - 11:15pm by IBC News

New York, February 24: If you have often resorted to doodling while talking on the phone then you might be an intellectual or a hardcore creative person.

Sunni Brown, the author of ‘ The Doodle Revolution ‘ said that the information density is very high in those exact moments, making this activity “really important”, the New York Post reported.

She said that every American president from Washington to Nixon doodled and one would find doodles in a notebook or a journal from any intellectual or hard-core creative.

Brown said that human brains see words as images and doodling unites different neural pathways in the brain, opening the person to greater insights, better information retention and higher levels of concentration.

She claimed that doodling keeps the brain occupied and focused, rather than disengaging or distracting it and it is our innate language that must be harnessed in schools and in the boardroom.

The author, who plans to elevate the doodle as a viable tool for creativity and productivity, said that one day everybody will look back and marvel at a time when they used to rely almost exclusively on text, numbers and verbal language.

Brown added that her mission is to revolutionize the way people think and learn by incorporating visual learning in the form of doodling and she wants to push adults to start doodling and to hone the skills of people who already doodle.

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