Ananth Kumar in favour of welfare of teachers

Posted on Mar 1 2014 - 10:32pm by IBC News

Addressing a teachers’ meet in Bangalore, he said he was aware of the problems of the teachers of government-run schools as well as those from private schools. “I am aware of the problems faced by the teachers. I will discuss your issues with the state government and the Centre to find a solution,” he added.

The teachers submitted a memorandum listing their demands, including medical facilities, insurance, housing and other perks. “All these demands are genuine, as employees of other departments of the government enjoy such benefits. However, in order to extend the facility to teachers, budgetary allocations from the Centre as well as the state are required. However, we will work towards fulfilling these long-pending demands of the teachers,” Ananth Kumar said. Ananth Kumar on Saturday declared that he was committed to the welfare of the teachers, particularly the primary school teachers.

The MP said teaching is a considered a noble profession and it is the duty of the government to extend benefits to them.

He urged the teachers to enrol in the voters’ list and cast their ballot in favour of any candidate they deem suitable.


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